Team - Vastu Architektur

Vastu Team

Each team member contributes his expertise to create aesthetically beautiful and energetically powerful objects..

What we offer you:

  • Solid 4-year training and 15 years practical experience
  • Certain Vastu architects specialize in sacred buildings
  • Our expertise is in residential and commercial buildings
  • Vastu architecture for single-family houses
  • Vastu architecture for multi-family houses
  • Vastu architecture for settlements
  • Vastu architecture for rebuilding
  • Vastu architecture for commercial buildings
  • Open to collaboration with architects and general contractors
Marc Lüllmann

Marc Lüllmann

Certified Vastu Architecture Consultant

Since the Vastu expert Marc Lüllmann learned that both the White House, the Pyramids of Giza and the Indian temples and palaces were built according to Vastu principles, he has dealt extensively with this timeless architectural teaching and has dedicated the past 15 years to it.

Completing his first formal education in Vastu in 2004 with a diploma from the German Veda-Academy, he founded his Vastu consulting company. In 2012 Marc completed his second Vastu degree, a comprehensive 2-year international professional Vastu certification program in the lineage of the preeminent Vastu Architect Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, the world’s most renowned contemporary Sthapati (Vastu architect and builder).

Marc consults, designs and oversees the construction of Vastu structures internationally, to bring about thriving modern spaces. He also holds lectures, writes and gives educations about this sacred teaching.

In every Vastu house project he is fascinated by how many positive and beneficial powers are being released and how the owners benefit from more harmony, success, well-being and spiritual fulfillment. Marc’s vision is that every human being can live in such spaces of abundance and strength, and has made this his life mission.

Ronald Tanner

Ronald Tanner

Certified Architect FH/SIA

After an apprenticeship to become a draftsman, Ronald Tanner has studied architecture at the Technical University of Winterthur and has successfully graduated in 1977. His desire for further training has brought him some semesters to the famous ETH Zurich. At the ETH Zurich he studied architectural history and theory of architecture. Further stages in his professional development were trainings in Geomancy (sensing water lines and other geological fault zones) and in Feng Shui. At the same time he studied interior design and color consultation as an autodidact and since 2011 at kt.COLOR. The Building Biology (Baubiologie) principles have accompanied him since the beginning of his career as an architect and interior designer.