This beautiful single family house, prefabricated in wooden elements, is an ideal example of a well-executed Vastu project, which we were allowed to accompany right from the beginning with the selection of the suitable plot of land. Accordingly, we were able to fully incorporate all the powerful Vastu principles: a parallel orientation of the house to the main cardinal directions, auspicious dimensions and harmonious proportions, favourable door and window placements, an open (unobstructed) centre, and rooms in the appropriate directions. In Vastu we prefer a gable or hip roof (tent roof), but here the building regulations only allowed a pent roof or a flat roof. A monopitch roof is out of the question for Vaastu and a flat roof is not ideal according to Vastu because it would slow down the upward sprouting energy in the centre. That’s why we placed this square dome on top. And the builders love the light that comes through this dome into the centre of the house.

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