Visiting Vastu at its source is an indescribable experience. There are so many details and secrets surrounding Vastu structures, be they houses, palaces, temples, or entire temple cities. The buildings are seen as replicas of the cosmos but also of the innermost subtle core of matter. As in the great so in the small and as in the small so in the great (as above so below?). Thus, every Vastu building is a replica of the energy spark of an atom, but also a replica of cosmic connections.

One even suspects that many more secrets have been incorporated into the impressive buildings than is known today. Many scientists and journalists have taken up the research and come to the conclusion that encoded in some buildings are even the circumference and diameter of the earth and many other dimensions of our solar system.

If you have the opportunity to visit India, explore the ancient temples with the awareness that these buildings are more than just beautiful and overwhelming. It is their resonance that is impressive and invokes a mystical experience in visitors.


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