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Vastu Interior Design

Artistically decorated spaces, which radiate an energy of harmony and comfort.

Vastu interior design and color consultation is the symbiosis of a Vastu home or business consulting with Marc Lüllmann and an interior design and color consulting with Ronald Tanner. Take advantage of their combined experience and expertise. The results are beautifully appointed spaces, which radiate an aesthetic energy of harmony and comfort.

  • Consulting regarding fixed installations
  • Consulting regarding furnishing
  • Consulting regarding lighting
  • Consulting regarding plants in the interior
  • Color consulting from a color psychology, building biology and Vaastu perspective
  • Complete Vastu-specific accompaniment of the interior design project. Travel expenses will be charged separately
  • Including ready-made concept for the decorator and painter

Interior Design

When designing the interior of your home or your business, your personal preferences and style guide the entire project. Ronald Tanner and Marc Lüllmann bring together their 37 years of combined experience to create an environment that is as unique as you are . This interior design method, which is gently but consistently linked with the principles of Vastu, creates an atmosphere that expresses exquisite quality as well as harmony and liveliness. As we bring your aesthetic to life, we favor working with artisans who bring equally long-standing experience, in order to ensure the finest results. Expert cabinet makers, metal workers, painters, plasterers and floor layers are an essential element to the design process.

Vastu interior design includes a holistic integration of fixed installations, lighting, furniture, and indoor plant materials to create a dwelling that is truly a home for the soul.

Color Consulting

Our well-being depends strongly on the environment in which we reside. In addition to using natural materials, we place great emphasis on the colors with which we design the dwelling space.

Ronald Tanner has always explored color. He deeply understands the nature and psychological and energetic significance of the colors. Ronald’s deeply intuitive approach to applying color is married with Marc Lüllmann’s scholarly knowledge of how the ancient system of Vastu uses color to balance the energies of a dwelling and create the desired effect in each space according to its assigned room function.

The interaction of Vastu, interior architecture and color pallet installation will serve you with a comfortable atmosphere, uplifting your dwelling and your spirit.


Prices for the Offer Package:

  • Vastu Interior Design and Color Consulting from CHF 4’950.- (for example for a simple single-family house)

Prices for European countries on request

Often it is possible, in agreement with the architect, to have parts or even the entire Vastu expenses included in the architectural services, whereby the amount flows into the construction costs and can therefore be settled via the mortgage. Please inquire with your lender about this option.