Vastu Architecture – Your Dream Home to Perfection…

Build for yourself a resonant house that radiates harmony, success, and well being.

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Vastu Architecture

A dwelling built entirely according to the principles of Vastu is the most powerful method to build true bridges between the forces of nature and the residents. Why leave the vibrational effect of a building to chance?

Vastu Interior Architecture

Vastu interior architecture and color consultation is the symbiosis of a Vastu home or business consulting with Marc Lüllmann and an interior architecture and color consulting with Ronald Tanner.

Vastu Pension Real Estates

Vastu Pension Real Estates as a sustainable and safe alternative to the 3rd pillar of old age savings. Passive houses represent efficiency in the highest degree of perfection.

Benefits of Vastu

Well-being is enhanced

Well-being and happiness are enhanced

Health and sleep are strengthened

Our health is strengthened and we have a more rejuvenating sleep

Children have prolonged concentration

Children can focus better and longer at school and while doing homework

Better regeneration rate

Adults have a faster and higher regeneration rate despite a high workload

More prosperity and abundance

Prosperity and abundance come more easily

More harmonious relationships

Relationships become more harmonious