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Building a house in full accordance with Vastu principles is probably the most powerful way to build bridges between the forces of nature and the future inhabitants.

Vastu is a complex and even somewhat esoteric science, but it always manifests actual structures with actual results. Thus, since time immemorial and on all continents and in all cultures, this knowledge has been actualised in the form of buildings that positively radiate energy and continue to do so centuries after their creation.

The Vastu Architect or Vastu Architectural Consultant determines the optimal position and orientation of a building on its respective plot of land, calculates auspicious perimeter dimensions and harmonious proportions, and with the placement of windows and doors, gives the structure a rhythm and a face.

The work begins with the selection of a suitable plot of land and extends to the finest details, including (when you wish) interior architecture and garden design.

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Effect of vastu principles on the planned house

Land Plot and Energy Fence

We will find the right plot of land with a positive shape and a favourable slope where the water bodies are optimally placed, etc.

Energy Lines

The house is infused and nourished with a lot of life energy (prana), supporting the health and balance of the occupants.


Harmonious proportions, a rectangular basic shape, and symmetry create spaces of peace and balance.


A free, unobstructed heart space (atrium, ‘brahmasthan’) in a structure allows the energies in space to flow unimpeded, bringing us to our inner centre.

Doors and windows

Doors and windows are placed in areas where beneficial qualities are activated again and again.

Five Elements

All areas of a house have different energies. With Vastu we can live in conscious harmony with the elements. Mit Vastu können wir im bewussten Einklang mit den Elementen leben.

Placement of Rooms

The layout of rooms according to the qualities of the directions supports the optimal function of each room.

Building Orientation

The orientation of the house to the main cardinal points connects it with the power of the earth.


We calculate an auspicious measurement for the perimeter and thus create a powerful resonance body.

Vastu Architecture Consulting

Site (Land Plot), Project Planning, & Construction

Plan and build with us a Vastu house in which you feel healthy and truly at home. A powerful space that energetically suits you and your loved ones perfectly. Vastu can be implemented in any architectural style and with almost all building materials, but of course we recommend natural building materials wherever possible.

01. Architecture Consulting

Selection & Optimisation of the Land Plot

The plot itself is the indispensable foundation for any construction project. It is worthwhile to invest sufficient time and focus in the search for and selection of a suitable site. Together we look for a plot where the location, the view, and the price are optimal, and also where the energies flow well.

02. Architecture Consulting

Project Planning

We work closely with architects from the client’s network or, upon request, from our own network. Here, 1 + 1 does not make 2, but 3– an aesthetically pleasing and at the same time energetically powerful structure that you call your home or your business.

From the first draft to the final design, architecture and Vastu work closely as a team until the owners, the architect, and the Vastu architectural consultant are satisfied.ein enges Teamwork, bis die Baufamilie, die/der ArchitektIn und die/der Vastu ArchitekturberaterIn zufrieden sind.

The result is the plan for a resonant body that activates and supports the full potential of the future residents.

03. Architecture Consulting

Construction & Vastu Ceremonies

As soon as the house has been planned in CAD (Computer Aided Design) or on paper to everyone’s satisfaction, the construction phase begins. This usually starts with the building permit and lasts until the keys are handed over.

The first step is to determine, with respect to the building plan, dates and times for the most important milestones: the ground-breaking ceremony, laying of the foundation stone, door-setting, and moving into the house. Each of these are consciously initiated with a small ceremony. For this purpose dates are chosen that fall under favourable astrological alignments.

Now the executing partners (those responsible for the construction itself) must also be made aware of the desired precision and mindful implementation of the building project. As one would construct a musical instrument, precision is important to create an effective and beautiful resonant body.

04. Architecture Consulting

Services and Prices

Introduction to Vastu

  • Access to the Vastu Basics online course for the clients and the architects involved
  • Vastu plot search checklist to help separate the wheat from the chaff
  • Vastu Architecture guide (15 pages) for the involved architects
Selection & Optimisation of the Land Plot
  • We can analyse and evaluate potential plots of land with the help of Google Maps (with StreetView) and Google Earth with elevation data.
  • Geomantic and radiesthesic analysis of the selected plot
  • Optimisation of the selected plot
  • Vastu Architecture Guide as PDF for the planning team
  • Determining the ideal placement of the building on the site
  • Orientating the building based on the main compass (cardinal) directions
  • Calculating nakshatra compatibilities (moon star/lunar constellation according to Vedic astrology) of all future inhabitants (if known)
  • Calculating auspicious perimeter dimensions according to the 16 Ayadi formulae
  • Determining the shape of the building
  • Determining harmonious proportions
  • Determining the storey heights
  • Applying a 9×9 Vastu grid to the plan
  • Determining the centre (Brahmasthan)
  • Determining energy lines: Brahma Sutra, Soma Sutra and Yoni Sutra
  • Planning possible extensions and missing areas
  • Placement of primary and secondary doors
  • Placement of windows and ventilation
  • Placement of interior walls and built-ins (wardrobes, cupboards..)
  • Assignment of rooms and room functions
  • Placement of columns and beams
  • Determining roof pitch
  • Placement of water, electrical, sewage, gas, boiler and heating systems
  • Planning an energy wall or energy fence
  • Placement of the driveway and garage or other outbuildings
  • The contractor, in cooperation with the architects / planners, provides a design based on Vastu principles, which can be implemented in the final construction plans
  • Consultation and instruction from specialists (architect, construction manager)
  • Vastu-specific supervision of the construction phase
  • During the process of construction, where possible, multiple on-site inspections (visits) to ensure that the dimensions are within the required tolerance.
  • Calculation of the auspicious time for, preparation, and performing of the Vastu ground-breaking ceremony
  • Calculation of the auspicious time for, preparation, and performing of the Vastu foundation-stone laying ceremony, including a gemstone plate and five engraved foundation stones.
  • Calculation of the auspicious time for, preparation, and performance of the Vastu door-setting ceremony, including a Vastu gemstone plate

Vastu Architecture Consulting incl. selection & optimization of the plot, project planning & construction (according to m2 net living space & incl. VAT)

  • 1-100m2: CHF 4000 / EUR 3600
  • 101-200m2: CHF 6400 / EUR 5760
  • 201-300m2: CHF 8400 / EUR 7560
  • 301-400m2: CHF 10400 / EUR 9360
  • 401-500m2: CHF 12000 / EUR 10800
  • More than 500 m²: upon request
  • Travel expenses (travel costs & time):
    CHF 125/h / EUR 110/h
  • Travel time (train, plane, etc.):
    CHF 80/h / EUR 70/h

OR according to time invested

  • Billing by the hour:
    CHF 150/h / EUR 135/h

Vastu Ceremonies (all prices incl. VAT)

  • Vastu Groundbreaking Ceremony: CHF 600 / EUR 540
  • Vastu Foundation-Stone Laying Ceremony, incl. gemstone plate & 5 foundation stones:
    CHF 1500 / EUR 1350
  • Vastu Moving-in Ceremony:
    CHF 750 / EUR 675
  • Travel expenses (travel costs & time):
    CHF 125/h / EUR 110/h
  • Travel time (train, plane, etc.):
    CHF 80/h / EUR 70/h

Vastu Interior Architecture & Colour Consultation

You own a property – be it a flat, a house, or a business establishment – and would like to treat this living or working space to an energetic and aesthetic renewal and upgrade? Then our Vastu Interior Architecture & Colour Consultancy can serve you – offering a revitalization on all levels.

01. Interior Architecture & Colour Consulting

Interior Architecture

When designing the interior of your home or office, your personal preferences and style ideas determine the entire project. We create an environment that is as unique as you are. The interior architecture, which is gently but consistently combined with the principles of Vastu, creates an atmosphere that expresses the qualities of harmony and vitality.

While bringing aesthetics to life, we work with equally experienced craftsmen to guarantee only the best results. Experts in carpentry, metalwork, painting, plastering, and flooring are an integral part of the interior architecture project.

Vastu interior architecture involves a holistic integration of fixed elements (built-ins..), lighting, furniture, and plants to create living and working spaces that are a home for our soul.

02. Interior Architecture & Colour Consulting

Colour Consulting

Our well-being depends greatly on the environment in which we spend our time. In addition to using natural materials as much as possible, we place great value on living spaces that are enriched with colours.

Here we need a deep understanding of the essence and the psychological and energetic meaning of colour. The intuition and experience of the interior architect is combined with the use of colour in the timeless Vastu teachings. The aim is to balance the energies of the living and working space and to create the desired effect for each room according to its assigned spatial function.

The interplay of Vastu and colour consultancy creates a comfortable ambience that will uplift your living space and your senses.

03. Interior Architecture & Colour Consulting

Services and Prices

  • Consultation on fixed elements (built-ins, fixtures..)
  • Consultation on furnishings
  • Consultation on lighting
  • Consultation on indoor plants
  • Basic colour consultation
  • Including finished concept
  • If required, incl. construction management and delivery of luminaires and furniture
  • Colour consultation from a colour-psychology, building-biology* and Vastu perspective
  • Including finished concept
  • If required incl. Site management

    * Healthy and ecological building and living

  • Billing by the hour:
    CHF 150/h / EUR 135/h
  • Or flat rate according to offer
  • Travel expenses (travel costs & time)
    CHF 125/h / EUR 110/h
  • Travel time (train, plane, etc.):
    CHF 80/h / EUR 70/h

Vastu Garden Design

What could be more beautiful than looking out from your home into a vibrant and colourful garden? Planning the outdoor space according to the elements, the symphony of trees and plants, a cosy terrace, outdoor lighting that plays with light and shade and other decorative objects all ensure that the inside flows seamlessly) with the outside.

Services and Prices

Vastu Garden Design

  • Consultation on trees and plants on your property
  • Consultation on terrace and shading
  • Consultation on pathway design and placement
  • Consultation on placement of garden furniture
  • Consultation on placement of decorative objects
  • Consultation on lighting
  • Including finished concept for the landscapers

Vastu garden design (all prices incl. VAT)

  • Billing by the hour:
    CHF 150/h / EUR 135/h
  • Or flat rate according to offer
  • Travel expenses (travel costs & time):
    CHF 125/h / EUR 105/h
  • Travel time (train, plane, etc.):
    CHF 80/h / EUR 70/h

Team Vastu Architecture

For Vastu to have its full effect, it needs a team that is open to mindful planning and implementation. Team Vastu Architecture is made up of such people, where the client, nature, and the unifying element of space are at the centre.

Marc Lüllmann

CEO, Founder / Certified Vastu Consultant

Oberwil-Lieli (Greater Zurich Area), Switzerland

After successfully completing his first diploma training at the German Veda Academy at the end of 2004, Marc founded his Vastu consultancy. In summer 2012 he completed his second Vastu training, a comprehensive 2-year international Vastu certification programme in the lineage of Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, the world’s most renowned Sthapati (temple architect and builder).

Marc advises, plans, and supervises the construction of Vastu buildings worldwide, creating vibrant and modern spaces. He also lectures, writes articles, and leads trainings on this powerful architectural tradition.

With every Vastu house building project he is fascinated anew how many positive and beneficial energies are released and the owners benefit from more harmony, success, well-being and spiritual fulfillment. His vision is that everyone can live in such spaces of abundance and power and has made this his life mission. He would be happy to support you in your unique life project “home of your own”.

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Nadia Vitali

Architect MSc ETH / Vastu Home Consultant / Ayurveda Coach

Erlenbach (Greater Zurich Area), Switzerland

Nadia Vitali’s passion is to help you feel really comfortable in your four walls and your skin again. She has worked as an architect for many years, always missing something in her work. During a vacation in India, she came across Vastu: designing buildings that are in harmony with nature and that positively support the occupants…. her passion was ignited!

Two trainings as a Vastu living consultant followed. Later she also trained as an Ayurveda Coach to be able to support her clients even better. Today she combines all her strengths as an architect, Vastu living consultant and Ayurveda coach to support people in bringing more ease, flow and well-being into their lives by working with the forces of the universe instead of against them. The goal of her work is to create a harmonious unity between people, environment and nature.

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Franziska Crivelli

Cert. Interior Architect HF - Professional Bachelor ODEC

Küsnacht (Greater Zurich Area), Switzerland

Franziska works in the fields of architecture, interior architecture and furniture design.

With 20 years of experience working in many areas of the construction industry, such as architecture, interior architecture, planning, realisation of projects, construction management, lighting design, set design, textile and furniture.

Franziska has had her own interior architecture business for over 10 years.

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Ronald Tanner

dipl. Architect FH/SIA

Winterthur (Greater Zurich Area), Switzerland

After his apprenticeship as a draftsman in structural engineering, Ronald Tanner trained as an architect at the Technikum Winterthur from 1974 to 1977.

His desire for further education also took him to the ETH Zurich for a few semesters, where he studied architectural history and theory. Further stages in his professional development include training as a geomancer and Feng Shui consultant. At the same time he continued his education in interior architecture and colour consulting, both autodidactically and since 2011 at kt.COLOR.

Since the beginning of his training, elements of building biology (healthy and ecological building and living) have always been at the forefront of his work as an architect and interior architect.

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Kim Sabine Eichhorn

Cert.-Ing. Architect (AK Berlin), Cert. Vastu Architect

Solms (Greater Frankfurt a.M.), Germany

Cert.-Ing. Architect (AK Berlin, freelance)
DGNB Registered Professional (German Sustainable Building Council)
Vastu Shastra Consultant (European Academy of Ayurveda)

After a year of basic training as a carpenter, Kim, full of drive and thirst for knowledge, completed an engineering degree with a focus on construction management and project control, graduating with honours in 2010. From the start, the relationship between our living / working space and our body-mind-health was of great importance to her. Von Anfang an war für sie die Beziehung und Abhängigkeit zwischen unserem Wohn- & Arbeitsraum und unserer Körper-Geist-Gesundheit von grosser Bedeutung.

A burnout forced Kim to spend an intensive time in her own four walls. During this time she felt and understood that our wonderful planet actually provides everything we need to maintain our health. We ourselves have it in our hands to provide ourselves with the energies we need. In order to be able to implement these insights even better through her work, Kim trained as a Vastu Shastra counsellor. This was followed by additional training as a meditation teacher and body balance trainer.

By combining these different trainings with her engineering studies and her life experience, Kim is able to connect people with their spaces and look at everything holistically. She is deeply convinced that our spaces have a significant impact on our lives and health. The design of these outer as well as inner spaces is solely in our hands. This deep conviction led Kim to become self-employed with the “Studio für Raumbewusstsein“ (Studio for Spatial Awareness) in 2019.

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Thias Stecher

Cert. Vastu Home Consultant
Cert. Vastu Architectural Consultant

Viersen (Greater Düsseldorf), Germany

Thias love for Vastu is the result of a long search for inner and outer balance.

He began studying architecture and settlement planning at the TU Berlin in 1987. Thias finished his studies in frustration with an intermediate diploma after 2.5 years. He realised that he could not learn there how to construct healthy, happy and supportive buildings.

He then completed a “Studium Generale”: painting and sculpture, natural sciences, psychology and Eastern wisdom teachings. In 1991, Thias began a year-long pilgrimage to sacred teachers and places: he visited spiritual teachers, ashrams and communities worldwide. Thias then worked very successfully for 18 years as IT coordinator, sales and marketing manager for a large wine trading company until 2015.

Coaching: In 2008 he discovered his love for transformational work with people. He attended dozens of seminars and trainings and became a professional, certified coach and trainer in 2013. Since then, Thias has accompanied people in change processes and crises, and trains people as “holistic coaches”. He works holistically with thoughts, feelings and emotion work in the context of Possibility Management.

In 2003, Thias renovated his first house – an old ruined schoolhouse. It was completely rebuilt in 2018, only to find that the energy and well-being had deteriorated (through Vastu knowledge he now knows why). They sold it in 2021 and started a Vastu journey, exploring many homes and residences in relation to Vastu principles.

In Vastu, Thias sees himself as a practical advisor for house and land finding, dwelling optimisation and Vastu new construction. He believes that every house can be optimised into a Vastu house and that every person can choose to live happier and more harmoniously through Vastu knowledge.

Thias vision: to create a new awareness of Vedic architecture to create healthy and inspiring spaces and settlements, for families and communities. His love is for ecological buildings and wooden houses. Thias works and lives in Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal and enjoys working online.

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Yvonne Meinhardt

Cert. Vastu Architect

Hockenheim (Greater Mannheim Area), Germany

Trainer for draughtswomen
Ayurveda Health Consultant
Vastu Housing Consultant & Vastu Architectural Consultant i.A.

Yvonne has 22 years of experience in civil engineering, road construction and landscaping. As a trainer, she passionately accompanied young people in their first steps into professional life.

Seeing things grow, whether in the implementation of construction projects or in the form of personality development for young professionals, have shaped your life in a meaningful way.

Through her love of nature and her interest in health issues, she inevitably came across the teachings of Ayurveda and Vastu-Shastra and has since been fascinated by the all-encompassing compendia of the millennia-old Vedic scriptures.

This was followed by training as an Ayurveda Health Consultant at the Eurasiamed Academy with a focus on nutrition & herbal medicine; behavioural medicine & psychology as well as training as a Vastu residential consultant with Marc Lüllmann. Inspired by the new impulses, she quit her job at a local authority and has since supported a young architectural practice and, since 2022, STUDIO RAUMBEWUSSTSEIN and Vastu Architecture.

For Yvonne, a circle closes. Vastu combines her new start in architecture with her many years of professional experience and her strong need for nature and health to create a holistic system for greater well-being.

She is deeply convinced that a return to the laws of nature, especially in our modern world, shows us a way to a healthy and value-oriented life on all levels.

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Interesting Vastu Projects

Selected Vastu architecture projects: Harmony between space and energy. The orientation of the rooms and the choice of materials create a balanced energy that gives the residents peace and equilibrium.

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