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With the traditional and timeless architecture and living teachings of Vastu, we are given the tools with which we can quickly recognize the qualities of properties and dwellings and optimize them as needed.

The feeling you have in a room - a coincidence?

Do you know that feeling? There are rooms you enter in which you would like to turn around and go out again. You feel something is ‘off,’ you feel uncomfortable, don’t sleep well, and if you stay there longer, you even get sick, or experience one setback after another.

And then there are those rooms you enter in which you immediately feel good, at ease, somehow at home. These are those spaces where you find you’d like to stay longer… where you feel relaxed, energized, or simply have a sense of well being. There’s a sense of the wind in your sails.

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Vastu - the timeless art of building and living

With the traditional and timeless architecture and living teachings of Vastu, we are given the tools with which we can quickly recognize the qualities of properties and dwellings and optimize them as needed.

Residential and commercial buildings, palaces, places of worship, and entire cities are planned and built according to Vastu.

There are many indications that today’s Feng Shui has its origins in Vastu and that the pyramids of the Egyptians and the Mayas were also built according to Vastu principles.

But it was not only afar that Vastu gained a foothold early on. European building culture can also be traced back to Vastu. The ten books on architecture by the Roman master builder Vitruvius (Marcus Vitruvius Pollio), for example, have so many parallels to the Vastu writings that it is fair to say that Vastu is one of the most important roots of European building and living culture.

Vastu can be applied to any design and building style. It all begins with the orientation of the house according to the kardinalen (Haupthimmels-) Richtungen cardinal (main celestial) directions. Then powerful and harmonious measurements and proportions are applied, which help to create a perfect resonating body that brings out our full potential. Once the mantle surrounding us is defined, we direct all focus to a centre that is as free and open as possible — the atrium or heart space of the building. And now all the rooms are optimally placed according to the cardinal points and the five elements. The aim is to create a balance and resonance between the residents, the living and working space, and the surrounding nature.

Benefits of Vastu

Well-being and joie de vivre are enhanced

A harmonious home noticeably increases well-being and joie de vivre in everyday life.

Health and sleep improve

A balanced home strengthens health and sleep for more joie de vivre.

Better and longer concentration

In a supportive environment, children in particular experience improved concentration and longer stamina.

Quicker recovery and regeneration

In a well-designed home we experience faster recovery and regeneration.

Increased prosperity and wealth

A harmonious living atmosphere promotes more prosperity and wealth in life.

More harmonious relationships

A balanced home promotes more harmonious relationships and deeper understanding.

Our Vastu services

Our vision and mission is for everyone to live in spaces of abundance and strength.

the art of sustainable living


Smart Small House

High-quality, sustainable and energy-efficient Vastu homes for singles and families.

The SmartSmallHouse is primarily made of sustainably harvested, non-toxic wood. On the outside, it resembles a typical wooden house, while on the inside, the multi-layered spruce panels, mindful design, and efficient built-in storage space appeal to those who want to enjoy sustainable, aesthetic, and modern living.

In all the houses, the dimensions and proportions of the floor plan are calculated using Vastu formulas. This results in a special harmonious geometry that has a noticeably positive influence on the inhabitants.

From the perimeter dimensions and the proportion of width to length, to the room heights and the arrangements of interior walls, doors and windows, everything is precisely coordinated, just as each element of a master instrument (e.g. the famous Stradivarius violin).

All SmartSmallHouses are designed to be beautiful, space-saving, and energy-efficient. This factors in grey energy, which we minimise as much as possible. These homes don’t require an expensive cellar or basement – and should you need one, we have various suggestions on how to make it work for you.

Healthy Living

Your living environment and health are our top priorities.

Energy Efficiency

Our aim is to rely entirely on renewable resources. This protects the environment, minimises potential risks, and is even more affordable to run.

Vastu - In Harmony with Man & Nature

For a house to be a home, it must not only function well, but also feel wonderful.

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