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Online Course

Learn the basics and become a Vastu Ambassador

Vastu is considered one of the most important roots of European building and living culture. A living space designed according to Vastu principles promotes well-being, health, and prosperity.

It is about much more than just beautiful living. Pyramids were built, monuments and temples erected with the principles of Vastu. The effect of the resonance bodies built with the help of Vastu is so strong that they have remained unscathed during natural disasters such as forest fires and tsunamis.

Learn the long-kept secrets of India’s Vastu masters. In the online course we teach Vastu in its authentic form, which we have learnt from various masters.

This Vastu Basics online course gives you an exciting and in-depth introduction to this timeless knowledge of living spaces and sacred architecture. With this you will be able to understand the principles and workings of Vastu and go ‘home’ with some valuable tips for optimising spaces.

This online course forms the basis for the Vastu Home Consultant, the Vastu Business Consultant the Vastu Business Consultant, and the Vastu Architecture Consultant training.

  • 9 comprehensive lessons
  • 1 bonus lesson: 5 simple Vastu optimisation tips
  • Total of 3h video presentation
  • Available immediately and at any time
  • Homework
  • PDFs: Vastu Basics Handout, 5 Simple Vastu Optimisation Tips, Vastu Checklist Building Site
  • Authentic Vastu knowledge from the lineage of a Sthapati
  • 14-day refund period from date of purchase
  • Will be credited 100% to one of our trainings


Home Consultant Training

Learn how to optimise existing living spaces.

In the training you learn to recognise where the greatest potential of a flat or a house lies and how the inhabitants can best use it. If the flat or house has not been built optimally, you work out the most suitable corrective and optimisation measures with the clients.

You can advise your future clients on site, but also online anywhere in the world. You need a passion for this subject, but no previous knowledge of architecture, interior design, interior decoration or colour consulting. The only requirement for this training is that you have completed the Vastu Basics online course. We will teach you everything you need to build your own successful counselling business, working freely from anywhere.

You can also simply apply what you have learned for yourself and your loved ones, bringing harmony and flow to your home, house, and garden. A space designed according to Vastu principles promotes health, success and financial prosperity, harmonious relationships and joy of life for you, your loved ones, and your clients.

  • Module 1 – Land, Garden & Surroundings
  • Module 2 – Orientation, Form, Vastu Grid (Vastu-Purusha Mandala), centre (Brahmasthan), Energy Lines (Sutras), Windows & Entrances
  • Module 3 – Allotment of Rooms, House Installations, Interior Decoration, Elements & Colour
  • Module 4 – Auspicious Times, Ceremonies & Traditional Power Objects (Yantras)
  • Module 5 – Consultation & Optimisation of Flats & Houses
  • Module 6 – Practical Module – Applying what you have learned


Business Consultant Training

Learn how to optimise business premises

After the consultation, your clients will be able to increase orders and sales and achieve their goals faster. The company culture and team spirit will also be strengthened. A healthy and wholesome environment is created, which results in fewer employee absences. And in general, the owners and employees have more focus and better concentration.

In the training you learn to recognise where the greatest potential of the business space lies and how the owners, the management, and the employees can make the best use of it. You solve identified blockages and deficiencies/weak areas with the help of corrective and optimisation measures, which you work out with the clients.

With Vastu Business Consulting, you can also advise your future clients on site, but of course also online, anywhere in the world. For this, you need a certain passion for Vastu, a basic understanding of the needs, activities, and business premises of your clients and an appropriate professional appearance. And of course you need to have completed the Vastu Basics Online Course and the Vastu Home Consultant training. The rest of the tools you will receive from us during the training. These are the basics to build up your own successful consultancy business and to work freely and from anywhere.

  • Module 1 – Vastu Basics for Business Spaces
  • Module 2 – Consulting & Optimisation of Medical & Therapy Practices, Hotels, Shops, Office Buildings & Industrial Buildings
  • Module 3 – Practical Module – Applying what you have learned


Vastu Academy

We would like to pass on these gifts in the form of knowledge pearls, expertise, and experience. Every additional consultatant helps to make Vastu better known. The potential is great and the world and the people need Vastu more than ever.

Marc Lüllmann

CEO, Founder / Certified Vastu Consultant

After successfully completing his first diploma training at the German Veda Academy at the end of 2004, Marc founded his Vastu consultancy. In summer 2012 he completed his second Vastu training, a comprehensive 2-year international Vastu certification programme in the lineage of Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, the world’s most renowned Sthapati (temple architect and builder).

Marc advises, plans, and supervises the construction of Vastu buildings worldwide, creating vibrant and modern spaces. He also lectures, writes articles, and leads trainings on this powerful architectural tradition.

With every Vastu house construction project, he is awed again by how many positive and beneficial forces are released and how the owners benefit from more harmony, success, well-being and spiritual fulfilment. His vision is that every human being can live in such spaces of abundance and power, and he has made this his mission in life. He would be happy to support you in your unique journey and extraordinary life project – a home of your own.


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