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You want to go deeper into Vastu and maybe become a Vastu Ambassador or even a Vastu Expert?

We offer lectures and seminars, a Vastu Basics Online Course available at any time, a Vastu Architectural Consultant Training, a Vastu Home Consultant Training, and a Vastu Business Consultant Training.

Our experienced lecturers and trainers are themselves renowned Vastu experts and are happy to share their profound knowledge with you.

Important: Presently, we only teach in the German language. An education in English might follow in the future.

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Vastu Basics Online Course

Learn the basics and become a Vastu Ambassador

Curious about the long-kept secrets of this traditional art and science of architecture from Vedic times?

Vastu is considered one of the most important roots of European building and living culture. A living space designed according to Vastu principles promotes well-being, health, and prosperity.

It is about much more than just beautiful living. Pyramids were built, monuments and temples erected with the principles of Vastu. The effect of the resonance bodies built with the help of Vastu is so strong that they have remained unscathed during natural disasters such as forest fires and tsunamis.

Learn the long-kept secrets of India’s Vastu masters. In the online course we teach Vastu in its authentic form, which we have learnt from various masters. Im Online Kurs unterrichten wir Vastu in seiner authentischen Form, welches wir bei verschiedenen Meistern gelernt haben.

This Vastu Basics online course gives you an exciting and in-depth introduction to this timeless knowledge of living spaces and sacred architecture. With this you will be able to understand the principles and workings of Vastu and go ‘home’ with some valuable tips for optimising spaces.

This online course forms the basis for the Vastu Home Consultant, the Vastu Business Consultant, and the Vastu Architecture Consultant training.

Course Content

  • 9 comprehensive lessons
  • 1 bonus lesson: 5 simple Vastu optimisation tips
  • Total of 3h video presentation
  • Available immediately and at any time
  • Homework
  • PDFs: Vastu Basics Handout, 5 Simple Vastu Optimisation Tips, Vastu Checklist Building Site
  • Authentic Vastu knowledge from the lineage of a Sthapati
  • 14-day refund period from date of purchase
  • Will be credited 100% to one of our trainings

Vastu Architectural Consultant Training

Learn the project planning and realisation of new buildings and conversions.
Next start: September 24

As a certified Vastu Architectural Consultant, you will help people to plan and realise their own homes according to Vāstu principles. The goal is to create a powerful sounding board that allows the full potential of your clients to unfold. After the consultation, your clients have a home where they can recharge their batteries, sleep better, work more joyfully and experience more harmony as a family.

During the training, you will learn everything you need to develop an individual floor plan, sections and views with the building family and the team of architects, which will create a property in harmony with nature and the residents. You will also learn how to harness the power of auspicious moments for ceremonies such as the groundbreaking, foundation stone laying and other ceremonies.

You can advise your future clients on site, but also online anywhere in the world. You need to have a passion for this subject, but no previous experience in architecture, interior design or interior decoration. The only prerequisite for this training is the completion of the Vastu Basics course and the Vastu Home Advisor training. We will teach you everything you need to build your own successful consultancy business, working freely from anywhere.

You can also use what you learn for yourself and your loved ones to bring harmony and flow to your home, house and garden. A space designed according to Vastu principles promotes health, success and financial prosperity, relationships and joy of life in general for you, your loved ones and your clients.

Program Content

  • Module 1 – Land, Garden & Surroundings
  • Module 2 – Ayadi perimeter calculations
  • Module 3 – Orientation, proportions, shape, Vastu grid, heights, roof pitch, interior walls, columns and beams, centre, energy lines, windows, entrances and energy fence
  • Module 4 – Allocation of rooms, house installations, interior decoration, elements and coloursZuteilung der Räume, Hausinstallationen, Inneneinrichtung, Elemente und Farben
  • Module 5 – Auspicious times and ceremonies related to the building process
  • Module 6 – Merging all modules into the counseling practice

Vastu Home Consultant Training

Learn how to optimise existing living spaces.
Next start: September 24

As a certified Vastu home counsellor, you help people to make the best use of the energy in their flats or houses. After the consultation, your clients will enjoy their home more, recharge their batteries, sleep better, work more joyfully and experience more harmony as a family.

In the training, you learn to recognise where the greatest potential of a flat or house lies and how the residents can best use it. If the flat or house has not been built optimally, you work out the most suitable corrective and optimisation measures with the customers.

You can advise your future clients on site, but also online anywhere in the world. You need a passion for this subject, but no previous knowledge of architecture, interior design, interior decoration or colour consulting. The only requirement for this training is that you have completed the Vastu Basics online course. We teach you everything you need to build your own successful counselling business, working freely from anywhere.

You can also simply use what you have learned for yourself and your loved ones, bringing harmony and flow to your home, house and garden. A space designed according to Vastu principles promotes health, success and financial prosperity, relationships and joy of life in general for you, your loved ones and your clients.

Program Content

  • Module 1 – Land, Garden & Surroundings
  • Module 2 – Orientation, shape, Vastu grid (Vastu-Purusha Mandala), centre (Brahmasthan), energy lines (Sutras), windows & entrances.
  • Module 3 – Allotment of rooms, house installations, interior decoration, elements & colours.
  • Module 4 – Auspicious times, ceremonies & traditional power objects (Yantras)
  • Module 5 – Consultation & optimisation of flats & houses
  • Module 6 – Practice module – applying what you have learned

Vastu Business Consultant Training

Learn how to optimise business premises.

The Vastu Business Consultant Training builds on the Vastu Home Consultant Training and focuses entirely on the analysis, assessment, and optimisation of business spaces.

After the consultation, your clients will be able to increase orders and sales and achieve their goals faster. The company culture and team spirit will also be strengthened. A healthy and wholesome environment is created, which results in fewer employee absences. And in general, the owners and employees have more focus and better concentration.

In the training you learn to recognise where the greatest potential of the business space lies and how the owners, the management, and the employees can make the best use of it. You solve identified blockages and deficiencies/weak areas with the help of corrective and optimisation measures, which you work out with the clients.

With Vastu Business Consulting, you can also advise your future clients on site, but of course also online, anywhere in the world. For this, you need a certain passion for Vastu, a basic understanding of the needs, activities and business areas of your clients, and an appropriate professional appearance. And of course you need to have completed the Vastu Basics Online Course and the Vastu Home Consultant Training. The rest of the tools you will receive from us during the training. These are the basics to build up your own successful consulting business and to work freely and from anywhere.

Program Content

  • Module 1 – Vastu Basics for Business Spaces
  • Module 2 – Consulting & Optimisation of Medical & Therapy Practices, Hotels, Shops, Office Buildings & Industrial Buildings
  • Module 3 – Practical Module – Applying what you have learned

Team Vastu Academy

We would like to pass on these gifts in the form of knowledge pearls, expertise, and experience. Every additional consultatant helps to make Vastu better known. The potential is great and the world and the people need Vastu more than ever.

Marc Lüllmann

CEO, Founder / Certified Vastu Consultant

Ever since Vastu expert Marc Lüllmann learned that both the White House, the pyramids of Giza and Indian temples and palaces were built according to Vastu principles, he has intensively studied this timeless architectural doctrine and dedicated the last 20 years to it.

After successfully completing his first diploma training at the German Veda Academy at the end of 2004, Marc founded his Vastu consultancy. In summer 2012 he completed his second Vastu training, a comprehensive 2-year international Vastu certification programme in the lineage of Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, the world’s most renowned Sthapati (temple architect and builder).

Marc advises, plans, and supervises the construction of Vastu buildings worldwide, creating vibrant and modern spaces. He also lectures, writes articles, and leads trainings on this powerful architectural tradition.

With every Vastu house construction project, he is awed again by how many positive and beneficial forces are released and how the owners benefit from more harmony, success, well-being and spiritual fulfilment. His vision is that every human being can live in such spaces of abundance and power, and he has made this his mission in life. He would be happy to support you in your unique journey and extraordinary life project – a home of your own.

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Kim Sabine Eichhorn

Certified Vastu Consultant

Certified Vastu Consultant,
cert. ingeneer, architect (AK Berlin, freelance), DGNB Registered Professional (German Sustainable Building Council)

After a year of basic training as a carpenter, Kim, full of drive and thirst for knowledge, completed an engineering degree with a focus on construction management and project control, graduating with honours in 2010. From the start, the relationship between our living / working space and our body-mind-health was of great importance to her. Von Anfang an war für sie die Beziehung und Abhängigkeit zwischen unserem Wohn- & Arbeitsraum und unserer Körper-Geist-Gesundheit von grosser Bedeutung.

A burnout forced Kim to spend an intensive time in her own four walls. During this time she felt and understood that our wonderful planet actually provides everything we need to maintain our health. We ourselves have it in our hands to provide ourselves with the energies we need. In order to be able to implement these insights even better through her work, Kim trained as a Vastu Shastra counsellor. This was followed by additional training as a meditation teacher and body balance trainer.

By combining these different trainings with her engineering studies and her life experience, Kim is able to connect people with their spaces and look at everything holistically. She is deeply convinced that our spaces have a significant impact on our lives and health. The design of these outer as well as inner spaces is solely in our hands. This deep conviction led Kim to become self-employed with the “Studio für Raumbewusstsein“ (Studio for Spatial Awareness) in 2019.

Kim consults, plans and supervises the construction of Vastu buildings worldwide, creating vibrant and modern spaces. She also lectures, writes articles and leads trainings on this powerful architectural teaching.

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Marcus Amara Hugk

Vedic priest (Brahmin)

Amara was born in East Berlin in 1969 and left the GDR at the age of 15 to move to the western part of the city. There he completed an apprenticeship in forestry and environmental protection, but felt the urge to focus more on the essential questions of life. In 1991, he moved to India for a longer period of time, and when he returned to Europe, he practised Bhakti Yoga in the various centres of the Krishna movement. In 1998 he began his own studies on iconography (Silpa) and temple construction (Devalaya-Vastu) in Swamimalai (South India) under various Sthapatis (experts in temple art).

He later studied Sanskrit as a guest student at Humboldt University for two years and learnt the Vedic rites and rituals of the Pancaratra with two of his most important teachers in this tradition. In 2005 he was ordained a priest in Kumbakonam (South India) and in 2007 he published his first book on “Sound Journey South India”. He later took lessons in Vedic astrology and acquired basic knowledge from the Jyotisha tradition in connection with rituals and life-accompanying ceremonies (samskaras).

In 2001, he learnt about the yoga tradition of Krishnamacharya in Chennai while travelling in India and completed his yoga training in the therapeutic field of Ayur-Yoga with Christoph Kraft and Remo Rittiner from 2013 to 2017. Since then, he has acted as a priest and mediator between the cultures of the East and the West. He has performed countless Vedic weddings, birth rites and accompanying protection ceremonies. He is also called upon for temple installations, house dedications (Vastu Puja), opening ceremonies for training programmes and festivals as well as rites for the deceased. He particularly enjoys imparting and teaching in these areas and sees it as his calling to share this knowledge of the Vedas about living spaces, yoga and harmony with everyone.

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What the participants of our trainings say

Our successfully trained graduates speak for themselves. Read what they have to say about their learning experiences with our training programmes. Their assessments are the best confirmation for us that we are on the right track and are continuously developing.

The Vastu Home Consulting training was a versatile enrichment. In my private life I was able to increase my own well-being through the direct application of what I had learned and at the same time an exciting professional field has opened up, which has led to unimaginable successes in just a short time. Thanks Marc!

Dirk Winterer

I am very happy with my decision to do the Vastu training with Marc Lüllmann. The training content is clearly structured and is taught in an understandable and very friendly and pleasant manner. All in all, a very authentic trainer with solid expertise and years of experience, who is passionate about passing on valuable and sustainable knowledge to people.

Olga Tausch

Marc Lüllmann's training was structured and his consulting experience was very helpful. It gave me the necessary basis for my own consulting practice and motivated me to fully immerse myself in Vastu.

Walter Brunner

I am very happy that I have decided to do a second Vastu training course. Marc not only imparts theoretical knowledge in a very competent manner, but also a lot of practical things for professional practice. The close support by himself is excellent. This training gave me a lot of new knowledge and consolidated old knowledge, so that I can now carry out Vastu Home Consulting with much more confidence than before.

Nadia Vitali

Dear Marc, thank you so much for your wonderful work with us! I have been able to learn such good and valuable knowledge through you. You have a very profound knowledge and can also pass it on very well, so that it is a pleasure and is quickly anchored in the memory. The videos for the modules and the document are very clear and supportive. I feel very blessed that my path to Vastu has led me to you as my teacher. Thank you very much for this!

Stefanie Sander

I can wholeheartedly recommend training as a Vastu Home Consultant! It was a very instructive time in which well-founded knowledge was imparted and at the same time the training can be incorporated into everyday life. The modules are designed to be very practical, Marc always has an open ear for questions and is at the participants' side with all his experience with words and deeds. So the content is not just theory, but the implementation of the material in practice takes place from day one of the training. As participants, we are always asked to apply what we have learned immediately to floor plans and in everyday life. The many templates that Marc also provides make it a lot easier to take the first step in your own consultations confidently and confidently. Thank you very much for this great time, your work and patience to share all the knowledge with us!

Karina Anna Schmidt

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