Transform your living and working space into a refuge of peace, strength, and success.

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In Vastu Consulting we build on what is already there- usually a conventionally planned and built house, flat, or business space. With the help of the Vastu principles we analyse, evaluate, and optimise such spaces. We consciously get in touch with them and focus on them.

In Vastu we see spaces as living beings.

We dissolve blockages, correct defects, and strengthen the good qualities until a space that drains us of energy becomes a space that truly supports us.

As with any living being, a living and working space can be more or less open and free. More beauty can be brought in by gifting the space with colour, the ‘right’ furnishing, and decorative elements.

Our services at a glance

Vastu Architecture Consulting

Vastu Architecture - A house in which you feel healthy and so right at home.

Vastu Home Consulting

Bring beauty, harmony, and well-being into your home

Vastu Business Consulting

Generate energy and increase success in dynamic and modern spaces.

Vastu Renting & Buying Advice

Choose spaces that support your living & business spaces.

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Vastu Architecture Consulting

Site (Land Plot), Project Planning, & Construction

Plan and build with us a Vastu house in which you feel healthy and truly at home. A powerful space that energetically suits you and your loved ones perfectly. Vastu can be implemented in any architectural style and with almost all building materials, but of course we recommend natural building materials wherever possible.

01. Architecture Consulting

Selection & Optimisation of the Land Plot

The plot itself is the indispensable foundation for any construction project. It is worthwhile to invest sufficient time and focus in the search for and selection of a suitable site. Together we look for a plot where the location, the view, and the price are optimal, and also where the energies flow well.

02. Architecture Consulting

Project Planning

We work closely with architects from the client’s network or, upon request, from our own network. Here, 1 + 1 does not make 2, but 3– an aesthetically pleasing and at the same time energetically powerful structure that you call your home or your business.

From the first draft to the final design, architecture and Vastu work closely as a team until the owners, the architect, and the Vastu architectural consultant are satisfied.ein enges Teamwork, bis die Baufamilie, die/der ArchitektIn und die/der Vastu ArchitekturberaterIn zufrieden sind.

The result is the plan for a resonant body that activates and supports the full potential of the future residents.

03. Architecture Consulting

Construction & Vastu Ceremonies

As soon as the house has been planned in CAD (Computer Aided Design) or on paper to everyone’s satisfaction, the construction phase begins. This usually starts with the building permit and lasts until the keys are handed over.

The first step is to determine, with respect to the building plan, dates and times for the most important milestones: the ground-breaking ceremony, laying of the foundation stone, door-setting, and moving into the house. Each of these are consciously initiated with a small ceremony. For this purpose dates are chosen that fall under favourable astrological alignments.

Now the executing partners (those responsible for the construction itself) must also be made aware of the desired precision and mindful implementation of the building project. As one would construct a musical instrument, precision is important to create an effective and beautiful resonant body.

04. Architecture Consulting

Services and Prices

Introduction to Vastu

  • Access to the Vastu Basics online course for the clients and the architects involved
  • Vastu plot search checklist to help separate the wheat from the chaff
  • Vastu Architecture guide (15 pages) for the involved architects
Selection & Optimisation of the Land Plot
  • We can analyse and evaluate potential plots of land with the help of Google Maps (with StreetView) and Google Earth with elevation data.
  • Geomantic and radiesthesic analysis of the selected plot
  • Optimisation of the selected plot
  • Vastu Architecture Guide as PDF for the planning team
  • Determining the ideal placement of the building on the site
  • Orientating the building based on the main compass (cardinal) directions
  • Calculating nakshatra compatibilities (moon star/lunar constellation according to Vedic astrology) of all future inhabitants (if known)
  • Calculating auspicious perimeter dimensions according to the 16 Ayadi formulae
  • Determining the shape of the building
  • Determining harmonious proportions
  • Determining the storey heights
  • Applying a 9×9 Vastu grid to the plan
  • Determining the centre (Brahmasthan)
  • Determining energy lines: Brahma Sutra, Soma Sutra and Yoni Sutra
  • Planning possible extensions and missing areas
  • Placement of primary and secondary doors
  • Placement of windows and ventilation
  • Placement of interior walls and built-ins (wardrobes, cupboards..)
  • Assignment of rooms and room functions
  • Placement of columns and beams
  • Determining roof pitch
  • Placement of water, electrical, sewage, gas, boiler and heating systems
  • Planning an energy wall or energy fence
  • Placement of the driveway and garage or other outbuildings
  • The contractor, in cooperation with the architects / planners, provides a design based on Vastu principles, which can be implemented in the final construction plans
  • Consultation and instruction from specialists (architect, construction manager)
  • Vastu-specific supervision of the construction phase
  • During the process of construction, where possible, multiple on-site inspections (visits) to ensure that the dimensions are within the required tolerance.
  • Calculation of the auspicious time for, preparation, and performing of the Vastu ground-breaking ceremony
  • Calculation of the auspicious time for, preparation, and performing of the Vastu foundation-stone laying ceremony, including a gemstone plate and five engraved foundation stones.
  • Calculation of the auspicious time for, preparation, and performance of the Vastu door-setting ceremony, including a Vastu gemstone plate

Vastu Architecture Consulting incl. selection & optimization of the plot, project planning & construction (according to m2 net living space & incl. VAT)

  • 1-100m2: CHF 4000 / EUR 3600
  • 101-200m2: CHF 6400 / EUR 5760
  • 201-300m2: CHF 8400 / EUR 7560
  • 301-400m2: CHF 10400 / EUR 9360
  • 401-500m2: CHF 12000 / EUR 10800
  • More than 500 m²: upon request
  • Travel expenses (travel costs & time):
    CHF 125/h / EUR 110/h
  • Travel time (train, plane, etc.):
    CHF 80/h / EUR 70/h

OR according to time invested

  • Billing by the hour:
    CHF 150/h / EUR 135/h

Vastu Ceremonies (all prices incl. VAT)

  • Vastu Groundbreaking Ceremony: CHF 600 / EUR 540
  • Vastu Foundation-Stone Laying Ceremony, incl. gemstone plate & 5 foundation stones:
    CHF 1500 / EUR 1350
  • Vastu Moving-in Ceremony:
    CHF 750 / EUR 675
  • Travel expenses (travel costs & time):
    CHF 125/h / EUR 110/h
  • Travel time (train, plane, etc.):
    CHF 80/h / EUR 70/h

Vastu Home Consultation & Interior Design

We analyse your home and show you how you can redesign it to benefit from optimised Vastu qualities. Experience for yourself what it means to generate energy and be successful in dynamic, modern spaces.

Example 1

Correcting the Surroundings

An unfavourable slope can at least be levelled directly around the house.

Or if a pond, a lake, or a stream is located in an inauspicious direction, we can limit the undesirable effect with the help of an energy fence.

In addition, we can design the garden in harmony with the five elements and, for example, place a rainwater cistern in the water zone and a fireplace in the fire zone.

Example 2

Structural Measures

If the centre (bramasthan) is obstructed by a wall, a joist can be used to remove the wall.

Or, an awkward misaligned area can be enclosed by a closed corner or conservatory/winter room in such a way that it is no longer considered a misaligned area.

If energy lines are blocked by walls, adding small openings or windows often helps. And if the heating system needs to be replaced, the new one can be installed in a more advantageous place.

Example 3

Optimising the interior design

Often rooms such as bedrooms, children’s rooms, guest rooms, offices, etc.. can be moved to areas where the room functions are optimally supported by the energy of the corresponding direction.

It is also possible to selectively use colours that are beneficial and have a desirable effect.

The suitable placement of furniture within the rooms can free up a lot of energy and allow us to sleep well and work with focus, for example.

Vastu Home Consultation

Services and Prices

  • Analysis, assessment,, and optimisation of the property, garden, and surroundings
  • Clarification of energy wall or energy fence option
  • Clarification of optimisation of driveway and garage
  • Consultation regarding trees and plants on the property
  • Analysis and optimisation of the exterior buildings
  • Special consideration in the outdoor area: spring, well, ponds, rainwater tanks, pets, etc..
  • Analysis, evaluation, and optimisation of the orientation of the flat or house to the main cardinal directions
  • Overlay of 9 × 9 grid on existing building
  • Identification, assessment, and optimisation of the centre (Brahmasthan)
  • Identification, assessment, and optimisation of energy lines: Brahma Sutra, Soma Sutra and Yoni Sutra
  • Analysis, assessment, and optimisation of possible entrances
  • Analysis, assessment, and optimisation of the allocation of rooms and room functions
  • Special consideration of the interior: stairs, bathrooms, toilets, cooker, sinks, interior design, colours, etc..
  • Analysis, assessement, and optimisation of the arrangement of water, electrical, sewage, gas, boiler, and heating installations
  • Performing a room purification ceremony
  • Apartment on site:
    CHF 950 / EUR 855
  • House on site:
    CHF 1200 / EUR 1080
  • Apartment from a distance:
    CHF 800 / EUR 720
  • House from a distance:
    CHF 1000 / EUR 900
  • Travel expenses (travel costs & time):
    CHF 125/h / EUR 110/h
  • Travel time (train, plane, etc.):
    CHF 80/h / EUR 70/h

Vastu Business Consultation

We analyse and assess your business premises and identify how any problems your business may have are related to the design of the space.

With the help of the ideal placement of employees, business areas, storage rooms, entrance areas and lobbies, conference rooms, etc., and other optimisation measures, we dissolve blockages, bring a breath of fresh air into the business, and support the employees and their respective areas of activity.

Vastu Business Consultation

Services and Prices

  • Analysis, assessment,, and optimisation of the property, garden, and surroundings
  • Clarification of energy wall or energy fence option
  • Clarification of optimisation of driveway and garage
  • Consultation regarding trees and plants on the property
  • Special consideration in the outdoor area: spring, well, ponds, rainwater tanks, pets, etc..
  • Analysis and optimisation of the exterior buildings
  • Analysis, evaluation and optimisation of the orientation of the business space or commercial building to the main cardinal directions
  • Overlay of 9 × 9 grid on existing building
  • Identification, assessment, and optimisation of the centre (Brahmasthan)
  • Identification, assessment, and optimisation of energy lines: Brahma Sutra, Soma Sutra and Yoni Sutra
  • Analysis, assessment, and optimisation of possible entrances
  • Analysis, assessment, and optimisation of the allocation of rooms and room functions
  • Analysis, evaluation and optimisation of the allocation of business areas and activities
  • Special consideration of the interior: stairs, bathrooms, toilets, cooker, sinks, interior design, colours, etc..
  • Analysis and optimisation of the arrangement of water, electrical, waste water, gas, boiler and heating installations
  • Conducting a room cleaning ceremony
  • Billing by the hour:
    CHF 180/h / EUR 160/h
  • Or flat rate according to offer
  • Travel expenses (travel costs & time):
    CHF 125/h / EUR 110/h
  • Travel time (train, plane, etc.):
    CHF 80/h / EUR 70/h

Vastu Renting & Buying Advice

If you are looking for new a new business space, we can help you find the best option from the range of flats, houses, or commercial properties available.

Our Renting & Buying Tips is a low-cost brief analysis of the impact of the potential new space.

Right now in your search for new space, you have the ideal opportunity to choose a floor plan that supports, rather than weakens, the various areas of your life and business.

The Vastu Renting & Buingy Tip gives you the perfect decision-making basis for choosing a new property.

Vastu Renting & Buying Tips

Services and Prices

After sending us a floor plan or several floor plans with a north arrow and/or the exact address of the property, we will send you an evaluation per e-mail, telephone, or video conference (as you choose) with a concise overview of the positive and negative aspects.

  • Per object:
    CHF 150 / EUR 135

Team Vastu Consulting

Each of our team members brings their own personal experience and expertise that complements Vastu in an individual way. Choose the person who suits you and your needs or let us advise you. All Vastu Consultants are graduates, bring their own personal experience and complement Vastu with further expertise.

Nicole Nielsen

Cert. Vastu Home Consultant / certified Interior designer / certified Feng Shui consultant

In all the years since Nicole has been working as an interior planner and home consultant, she has been allowed to plan and furnish numerous dream properties. With her keen sense for rooms, she soon noticed that despite always having a perfect furniture, colour and material concept, some rooms have a better or even special energy quality than others, without knowing why.

So she went on the search…

She received some answers during her Feng Shui training, but the big AHA experience came during her first contact with VASTU.

In 2018 she began her Vastu training with Mark Rosenberg in Germany.

In 2019, she met Marc Lüllmann and it was immediately clear to her that she would like to deepen everything with him and so she completed the training to become a VASTU housing consultant.

… Finally she has found her answers …

The focus of each of her consultations is on people and their needs for health, energy, wealth and harmony in all areas of life, coupled with beautiful living.

In addition to planning and analysing the rooms, she advises on the re-design of the rooms, be it in terms of furnishing, colour and material concepts by means of mood boards, etc.

Her work has finally become holistic in that she can combine interior design with the ancient knowledge of the Vastu teachings and thus give her clients and herself a deep sense of fulfilment.

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Jana Keller

Cert. Vastu Home Consultant /
Cert. Fashion designer /

Jana and her partner Joe take advantage of an unexpected change of course in 2019 and quit their jobs without further ado, swapping their well-established lives with their own company, home, friends and family for a 23kg suitcase each and a life as full-time house sitters.

5 years, 15 countries, 26 houses and over 40 pets later, Jana, as a Vastu living consultant, is keen to use her diverse knowledge to optimise gardens, living and working spaces and thus promote the harmony, well-being and potential of the people living in them in the long term.

5 Jahre, 15 Länder, 26 Häuser und über 40 Haustiere später ist es Jana als Vastu Wohnberaterin ein Anliegen ihre vielfältigen Erkenntnisse zu nutzen, Gärten, Wohn- und Arbeitsräume zu optimieren, und somit die Harmonie, das Wohlbefinden und das Potenzial der darin lebenden Menschen langfristig zu fördern.

Thanks to Jana’s subtle and practical manner, she also takes individual needs into account, e.g. children, pets, start-ups, etc., which she incorporates into her advice.

As a successful fashion designer for her brand Royal Blush, founder of the Greenshowroom trade fair (renamed Neonyt) and shop owner, the Swiss entrepreneur paved the way for holistic, organic and fair-trade fashion brands with her work for over a decade. Her designs are worn by Hollywood stars such as Jessica Alba, Eric Roberts and Daphne Zuniga from Melrose Place.

Today, Jana continues to enjoy a life as a digital nomad and dedicates her time to working as a Vastu living counsellor and author, helping people to come back into their power. She is also happy to advise our international customers in English.

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Dirk Winterer

Cert. Vastu Home Consultant / Transformation Coach / MBA in Conscious Leadership

In 2009, at the peak of his professional career, Dirk left his career as a management consultant with a Fortune Global 100 organisation. The call to follow his own destiny was stronger and eventually led him to India, the country of origin of VASTU.

In the following years he lived and studied Vedic knowledge as a monk in monasteries, both in Asia, the USA and Europe. Besides daily meditation and philosophical dialogue, he was particularly fascinated by the practical and universal application of these timeless wisdoms.

Following his studies as a monk, he trained as an Ayurvedic psychological counsellor and transformation coach, and in 2018 he was certified as a VASTU residential counsellor by Marc Lüllmann.

Dirk advises private individuals and companies on optimising existing living and working spaces. Its aim is to strengthen health and well-being in a holistic way and to sustainably promote performance.

In his consultations, he brings people and space into harmony with each other and accompanies the transformation process as a whole until the desired resonance has formed in the inner and outer world.

He will be happy to support you in the design and realisation of your personal and living space.

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Miriam Elisabeth Breuning-Reichert

Cert. Vastu Home Consultant / Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Architecture / Inner Balance Coach

Miriam lives with her two children and her husband near Nuremberg. She is a Vastu Living Consultant, Inner Balance Coach and has a degree in architecture with well over ten years of professional experience. In recent years, she has developed a kaleidoscope of topics starting from the nucleus of architecture and sees herself as a holistic generalist.

The core of her work is to accompany people in living in harmony with their own inner nature and the surrounding nature. She always works from the inside out, with the aim of creating spaces that correspond to the essence of the inhabitants.

Miriam advises on the remodelling and redesign of your home as well as on the search for new premises and land in the form of a brief analysis. Miriam also guides you before and during your building process.

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Karina Anna Schmidt

Cert. Cert. Vastu Home Consultant / Cert. KonMari Consultant / Library and Information Scientist

Living in harmony is the focus of Karina Anna Schmidt’s work. After stopovers as a librarian and flight attendant, she returned to her childhood dream of building and designing living spaces into true oases of well-being. Today, she brings the experience she has gained from all over the world to people as a KonMari Consultant and Vastu Living Consultant and helps them to create a powerful home in which well-being, peace, stability and the expression of personal interests are truly possible. Her librarian heart loves the ancient scriptures and so the holistic and traditional view from the ancient Indian Ayurveda teachings is very close to her heart. Vastu is the timeless art of building and living. With the correct and precise application of these primal principles, we can live in buildings that enrich us with well-being and joie de vivre, prosperity and wealth, strong health and restful sleep, concentration and success at work, as well as harmonious relationships and spiritual fulfilment.

Karina is a certified KonMari Consultant, Ayurveda Nutrition and Psychological Consultant and thanks to her training with Marc Lüllmann, she imparts authentic Vastu knowledge from the lineage of Vastu Sthapati Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati as a Vastu Living Consultant.

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Thias Stecher

Cert. Vastu Home Consultant /
Cert. Vastu Architecture Consultant / Holistic Coach & Trainer

Thias love for Vastu is the result of a long search for inner and outer balance.

He began studying architecture and settlement planning at the TU Berlin in 1987. Thias finished his studies in frustration with an intermediate diploma after 2.5 years. He realised that he could not learn there how to construct healthy, happy and supportive buildings.

He then completed a “Studium Generale”: painting and sculpture, natural sciences, psychology and Eastern wisdom teachings. In 1991, Thias began a year-long pilgrimage to sacred teachers and places: he visited spiritual teachers, ashrams and communities worldwide. Thias then worked very successfully for 18 years as IT coordinator, sales and marketing manager for a large wine trading company until 2015.

Coaching: In 2008 he discovered his love for transformational work with people. He attended dozens of seminars and trainings and became a professional, certified coach and trainer in 2013. Since then, Thias has accompanied people in change processes and crises, and trains people as “holistic coaches”. He works holistically with thoughts, feelings and emotion work in the context of Possibility Management.

In 2003, Thias renovated his first house – an old ruined schoolhouse. It was completely rebuilt in 2018, only to find that the energy and well-being had deteriorated (through Vastu knowledge he now knows why). They sold it in 2021 and started a Vastu journey, exploring many homes and residences in relation to Vastu principles.

In Vastu, Thias sees himself as a practical advisor for house and land finding, dwelling optimisation and Vastu new construction. He believes that every house can be optimised into a Vastu house and that every person can choose to live happier and more harmoniously through Vastu knowledge.

Thias vision: to create a new awareness of Vedic architecture to create healthy and inspiring spaces and settlements, for families and communities. His love is for ecological buildings and wooden houses. Thias works and lives in Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal and enjoys working online.

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Philipp Schausten

Cert. Vastu Home Consultant / Commercial Airplane Pilot / MBA in Management & Leadership

Philipp has been flying in the cockpit as a commercial pilot since 2005. In 2007, he was retrained for a larger aircraft type for intercontinental flights. The long flights through many time zones also brought with them associated problems such as jet lag.

In 2010, Philipp built his first home of his own, which, for reasons completely unknown at the time (but now quite understandable with the help of Vastu), did not provide a good basis for the urgently needed regeneration. Also, the feeling of being at home just didn’t want to happen here. The house was sold and a second one built. Since we learn best from mistakes, many things have already been considered and improved. However, the most important factors for building a very individual feel-good home were again not taken into account due to ignorance. So it had to be the house, that much was clear. The second house was also sold without loss and Philipp set out to find the cause. Why were there houses or flats in which one felt comfortable, secure, energetically charged and happy, even though the furnishings did not necessarily correspond to one’s own taste? Other dwellings, on the other hand, had the exact opposite effect on the inhabitants or visitors.

In 2019, the solution revealed itself… VASTU!

The 5000-year track record of this teaching, unchanged since its origins and practised in the most impressive buildings in the world down to the smallest detail, have convinced Philipp.

In 2020, he enthusiastically began training as a Vastu housing consultant with Marc Lüllmann and has made it his mission to apply this knowledge and share it with other people.

What could be better than creating a home that regenerates, balances, promotes sleep, health and prosperity for its inhabitants? In summary, a home could be described as a sounding body that vibrates in harmony with its people.

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Interesting Vastu Projects

Selected Vastu architecture projects: Harmony between space and energy. The orientation of the rooms and the choice of materials create a balanced energy that gives the residents peace and equilibrium.

What our clients say

Our satisfied customers speak for themselves. Read what they have to say about their experience with our products/services. Your words are the best confirmation for us that we are on the right track and continuously improving.

The Vastu Home Consulting training gave me a completely new approach to our living spaces. Thanks to the wide range of gross and subtle optimization options in existing living spaces, it is possible to bring more energy into our lives. That fascinates me.

Anita Aschwanden

When I had been working in my new practice for half a year, I felt a desire for more comfort, grounding and peace. Maybe with paint on the walls? But - which one is ideal for this? After a moment's thought, the impulse came: a Vastu business consultation will bring clarity. And since Marc had already turned our home into a true oasis of well-being thanks to Vastu, it was also immediately clear from whom. Not only were the walls painted, the rooms were also changed and divided into the ideal zones. Not only are my clients happy with the new treatment room dipped in red earth, but I also enjoy the room and the pleasant atmosphere day after day.

Stephanie Albert Owner Parvatasana

Curious and excited, I embarked on the Vastu business consultancy for my newly established consultancy firm. I set up my office faithfully according to the instructions. Success arrived after only a few days. Some of the clients, but also friends and acquaintances, have invited themselves. Another effect is that the agreed meeting times are regularly exceeded by the clients because they feel so comfortable here. So I can only recommend Vastu to everyone here.

Rafael Wohlgemuth Owner Wohlgemuth Healthcare Consulting

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