Vastu Basics Online Course

Learn the basics and become a Vastu Ambassador

Vastu Basics Online Course

In Vastu compliant spaces, residents experience greater well-being, health, and prosperity.

The course gives you a well-founded and beautifully illustrated introduction to the traditional living and architectural teachings called Vastu.

After the course, you will know the principles and workings of Vastu and receive some tips on how you can easily and quickly optimise your flat or house.

Attention: Vastu is much more than just more beautiful living! With the principles of Vastu, pyramids were built and monuments and temples erected. With Vastu, you can create of energy so strong that they remain unscathed in natural disasters like forest fires and tsunamis.

Learn the long-kept secrets of India’s vastu masters. In the online course you will learn Vastu in its authentic form, as we too have learned it from various masters.

This course requires no basic knowledge of Vastu or architecture and is perfect for anyone interested in good vibes in homes. It is also the basis for you to decide if you want to go deeper into the subject and optimise or even design and build homes using Vastu.

This online course forms the basis for the Vastu Home Consultant, Vastu Business Consultant, and Vastu Architectural Consultant training.


As the name suggests, you will learn the Vastu basics. Vastu is a comprehensive science.

The course offers a well-structured and comprehensible introduction to Vastu In the past, a newcomer to Vastu would accompany a Vastu Master for 6-12 years until she/he could acquire all the knowledge and experience. Only then would they proceed to advise others.

Therefore, it is not possible to pack all the knowledge into a manageable online course like this. After the course, you will not be able to optimise a conventionally built room, let alone build a house based on this knowledge.

In this course, the instructor Marc Lüllmann teaches the subject in the form of videos, but the course does not yet offer the personal support you would receive in the training courses that follow.

Who is the course for?

This course is perfect for anyone interested in Vastu.

And anyone thinking of making use of a Vastu home consultation, Vastu business consultation, Vastu interior design or Vastu architecture, but would like to understand more before choosing this direction.

Or anyone who would like to enroll in a Vastu Home Consultant Training or a Vastu Buisness Consultant Training, but would like to get an idea of the course instructor Marc Lüllmann and his way of working.

Or for architects who have been asked by the building owners to add a Vastu architectural consultant to their team and would like to understand a little more about Vastu.


The course offers a well-structured and comprehensible introduction to Vastu








One-time payment, unlimited access! CHF 97.– / EUR 88.–

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions summarised compactly

Do I need previous knowledge of Vastu?

No, the course is designed to do just that, to establish basic knowledge.

No, the course is available to you at any time from the time of purchase.

You have 14 days to return the course and we will refund the price.


Marc Lüllmann Certified Vastu Consultant

Ever since Vastu expert Marc Lüllmann learned that both the White House, the pyramids of Giza and Indian temples and palaces were built according to Vastu principles, he has intensively studied this timeless architectural doctrine and dedicated the last 15 years to it.

After successfully completing his first diploma training at the German Veda Academy at the end of 2004, Marc founded his Vastu consultancy. In summer 2012 he completed his second Vastu training, a comprehensive 2-year international Vastu certification programme in the lineage of Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, the world’s most renowned Sthapati (temple architect and builder).

Marc advises, plans, and supervises the construction of Vastu buildings worldwide, creating vibrant and modern spaces. He also lectures, writes articles, and leads trainings on this powerful architectural tradition.

With every Vastu house construction project, he is awed again by how many positive and beneficial forces are released and how the owners benefit from more harmony, success, well-being and spiritual fulfilment. His vision is that every human being can live in such spaces of abundance and power, and he has made this his mission in life. He would be happy to support you in your unique journey and extraordinary life project – a home of your own.

What the participants of our trainings say

Our highly trained graduates are the best ambassadors for our quality. Find out here first-hand how they experienced their learning journey with our training programmes. Their feedback encourages us that we are on the right track and are constantly working on ourselves.

The Vastu housing advisor training gave me a completely new approach to our living spaces. Thanks to the wide range of gross and subtle optimization options in existing living spaces, it is possible to bring more energy into our lives. That fascinates me.

Anita Aschwanden

The Vastu Housing Advisor training was a versatile enrichment. In my private life I was able to increase my own well-being through the direct application of what I had learned and at the same time an exciting professional field has opened up, which has led to unimaginable successes in just a short time. Thanks Marc!

Dirk Winterer

Marc Lüllmann's training was structured and his consulting experience was very helpful. She gave me the necessary basis for my own consulting practice and motivated me to fully immerse myself in Vastu.

Olga Tausch

Marc Lüllmann's training was structured and his consulting experience was very helpful. She gave me the necessary basis for my own consulting practice and motivated me to fully immerse myself in Vastu.

Walter Brunner

I am very happy that I have decided to do a second Vastu training course. Marc not only imparts theoretical knowledge in a very competent manner, but also a lot of practical things for professional practice. The close support by himself is excellent. This training gave me a lot of new knowledge and consolidated old knowledge, so that I can now carry out Vastu housing advice with much more confidence than before.

Nadia Vitali

Dear Marc, thank you so much for your wonderful work with us! I have been able to learn such good and valuable knowledge through you. You have a very profound knowledge and can also pass it on very well, so that it is a pleasure and is quickly anchored in the memory. The videos for the modules and the document are very clear and supportive. I feel very blessed that my path to Vastu has led me to you as my teacher. Thank you very much for this!

Stefanie Sander

I can wholeheartedly recommend training as a Vastu housing advisor! It was a very instructive time in which well-founded knowledge was imparted and at the same time the training can be incorporated into everyday life. The modules are designed to be very practical, Marc always has an open ear for questions and is at the participants' side with all his experience with words and deeds. So the content is not just theory, but the implementation of the material in practice takes place from day one of the training. As participants, we are always asked to apply what we have learned immediately to floor plans and in everyday life. The many templates that Marc also provides make it a lot easier to take the first step in your own consultations confidently and confidently. Thank you very much for this great time, your work and patience to share all the knowledge with us!

Karina Anna Schmidt