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Vastu Basics for a Wellbeing Home – The Free Webinar

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Do you think a good sense of space is a coincidence?


Do you know that feeling? There are rooms you enter in which you would like to turn around and go out again. You feel something is wrong, you feel unwell, you sleep badly and if you stay in it longer you even get sick or suffer one setback after another.

And then there are these rooms where you come in and you immediately feel that I am comfortable there, that I feel good there, that I feel at home there, that I would prefer to stay there longer because this room supports me optimally in my different areas of life. There’s a sense of the wind in your sails.

All this is no mere coincidence. In Vastu there are clear principles and laws that you can apply to create such a home of well-being for yourself.

With Vastu, we do not leave the quality of our living and business spaces to chance.

Webinar: Vastu Basics​

If the topic of Vastu is completely new to you or you would like to learn more about the basic principles or mode of action of this powerful living space teaching, this webinar will provide you with numerous answers.With Vastu, we do not leave the quality of our living and business spaces to chance.

What you will learn in the free online seminar:

  • Meaning and origin:
    Learn the long kept secrets of the Indian Vastu Masters.
  • Basic principles:
    After the webinar, you will know the principles and workings of Vastu and receive some tips on how you can easily and quickly optimise your flat or house.
  • Outlook:
    This webinar provides a good basis for you to decide whether you want to go deeper into the topic and optimise or even plan and build flats and houses with the help of Vastu. You are welcome to invite family, friends and acquaintances to join you.

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Vastu Webinar

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What our Vastu users say

Find out what our happy Vastu users have to say about their positive experiences with our products and services. The valuable feedback from our users is a valuable confirmation for us that we are on the right track and are constantly working on improvements.

I now feel much more comfortable in my rooms. Since moving into the new flat, I have always had the disconcerting feeling of losing the ground under my feet. Thanks to the analysis, I now know that this was not just a feeling, but that my bedroom is actually a little too airy. Through a room swap and various tips on grounding my rooms, I now feel much more comfortable. Above all, the inviting design of the entrance now brings a smile to my face every time I come home.


The optimisations have given me more clarity regarding my housing situation and I can therefore absolutely recommend their work! With the help of the floor plan of the flat - if none is available, she prepares it - she works out a Vastu living consultation that fits the living situation, in order to design the flat for the better and for the better and to balance out energetic imbalances. I found it very exciting and helpful!


I felt super well accompanied. I can absolutely recommend the Vastu housing counselling, because it not only adapted my external conditions, but also thought of my personal needs. I appreciate that very much.