Vastu Architecture - Vastu Architektur

Vastu Architecture

Your Dream Home to Perfection. Build for yourself a resonant house that radiates harmony, success, and well being.

A dwelling built entirely according to the principles of Vastu is the most powerful method to build true bridges between the forces of nature and the residents. Why leave the vibrational effect of a building to chance?

Vastu is a complex, and at times, a seemingly esoteric science, but ultimately it always leads to stable objects in material form. These universal principles have been implemented in buildings on all continents and in all cultures, which have been radiating Vaastu energy for centuries after their creation.

The Vastu scriptures focus almost exclusively on the construction of new buildings. The design of an object is created first in the creative center of the Creator, “the Architect.” The architect gives all structures a form. It is the same in Vastu. The Vastu consultant or Vastu architect begins well before the excavation of the building site with the design-creation of an energetic building. The Vastu consultant/architect defines the precise measures and prepares to bring the structure into perfect form.

With a new project, we have the extraordinary opportunity to create resonantly powerful spaces in which all Vastu principles are taken into account. It begins with the selection of the ideal land and progresses toward the finest details such as the placement of windows and doors.

The Package Planning contains:

Selection of the plot

  • Checklist for finding the right plot
  • Assessment and evaluation of possible plots
  • Consulting regarding rectification options

Accompanying the design, construction and execution project

  • Placement of building on plot
  • Orientation of building to cardinal directions, considering declination and declivity
  • Calculating Nakshatra (moon star according to Vedic astrology) compatibilities of residents
  • Calculation of possible auspicious perimeter measures according to the 16 Ayadi formulas
  • Defining the form of the building
  • Determination of harmonic proportions
  • Calculating possible wall and ceiling heights
  • Apply the 9×9 Vaastu Purusha Mandala on the floor plan
  • Identify the center (Brahmasthan)
  • Considering energy lines: Brahma Sutra, Soma Sutra and Yoni Sutra
  • Design of extensions and deletions
  • Placement of primary and secondary doors
  • Placement of windows and ventilators
  • Placement of interior walls and closets
  • Assignment of rooms and room functions
  • Placement of pillars and beams
  • Determination of roof pitch
  • Special consideration of interior elements: stairs, bathrooms, toilet, stove, sink, etc.
  • Special consideration of exterior elements: well, ponds, rain catchments, animals, etc.
  • Placement of water, electricity, sewage, gas/propane, hot water heater, and heating installations
  • Designing energy wall or energy fence (compound wall)
  • Placement of access road and garage
  • Complete Vastu-specific accompaniment of the design, construction and execution project in close collaboration with the architect, including answering all e-mails and phone calls and participating in all Vastu-relevant meetings with the architect. Travel expenses will be charged separately

The Package Construction Supervision contains:

Accompanying the whole construction phase

  • Consulting and instructing professionals (architect, engineer, general contractor, concrete contractor, mason, carpenter, framer, plumber, electrician, painter, heating and ventilation technician, gardener, interior architect, etc.)
  • Calculating auspicious periods for ground breaking, foundation stone laying, door placement and moving in
  • Conducting all Vaastu ceremonies: ground breaking, foundation stone laying, door placement and moving in
  • Ceremonial articles such as gem plate (2 pieces each CHF 500) and engraved foundation stones (5 pieces each CHF 70)
  • Verify the batter boards with string before any important construction activity
  • Verify whether the foundation is aligned to the geographic north
  • During the course of the construction, several verifications that the measures are maintained according to the agreed tolerances
  • Complete Vastu-specific accompaniment of the construction phase including all site visits. Travel expenses will be charged separately

The Package Garden Design contains:

Vastu Garden Design

  • Consulting regarding trees and plants on the property
  • Consulting regarding terrace and shading
  • Consulting regarding the course of paths
  • Consulting regarding the placement of garden furniture
  • Consulting regarding placement of decorative objects
  • Consulting regarding lighting
  • Complete Vastu-specific accompaniment of the garden design project including all site visits. Travel expenses will be charged separately
  • Including ready-made concept for the gardener


Prices for the Offer Packages

  • Vastu Architecture Package Design 1-2% of the construction costs (BKP 2)
  • Vastu Architecture Package Construction Supervision 1-2% of the construction costs (BKP2)
  • Vastu Architecture Package Garden Design from CHF 3’950.- (for example for a simple single-family house)

Prices for European countries on request

Often it is possible, in agreement with the architect, to have parts or even the entire Vastu expenses included in the architectural services, whereby the amount flows into the construction costs and can therefore be settled via the mortgage. Please inquire with your lender about this option.