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How to create your feel-good home with Vastu

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Our services at a glance

Vastu Home Consulting

Bring beauty, harmony, and well-being into your home

Vastu Business Consulting

Generate energy and increase success in dynamic and modern spaces.

Vastu Renting & Buying Advice

Choose spaces that support your living & business spaces.

Vastu Space Purification Ceremony

Clear energetic blockages and subtle stressors with the help of this small but flow-enhancing ceremony.

Vastu Fire Ceremony

Powerful cleansing ceremony with the help of a real fire: for the flat, the house, the business premises, or the property.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions summarised compactly

I am interested in Vastu - what is the best way to start?

For initial information, please watch our Vastu webinar. By subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive 5 Vastu optimisation tips that can be easily applied to any home to make it feel more comfortable. You can order a completely individual Vastu living consultation from us at any time. Here you will learn everything about the potential of your living space and receive individual optimisation measures for even more harmony and well-being in your home. Simply arrange a free and non-binding initial consultation. We look forward to seeing you and your home!

Optimisation measures are possible in every house, every flat and also in owner-occupied properties. Size plays no role whatsoever here. This way, 1-room studios to 10-room houses can be optimised (we have even had customers with only one shared room). Although it is an advantage if the house or flat has less than 22.5° deviation from the main cardinal points, this is also not a mandatory basic requirement. The most important prerequisite for a consultation is a floor plan to scale, which we can also prepare for you if required. For a single room in a building complex, access to the overall floor plan is helpful. If you have any specific questions, we would be happy to arrange an initial consultation and look at your home together.

Whether a room or a whole house, the Vastu principles can always be applied. If you live in a room in a shared flat, you can of course all do the counselling together for the whole flat. If your flatmates do not agree, you can always optimise your room, because the Vastu principles also apply to each individual room. Imagine your room as your “flat” and apply all the principles to the space you live in.

  1. You send us the address in advance, if available a cadastral or property plan and the floor plan(s) of the property.
  2. We then prepare the counselling and arrange a prompt counselling appointment with you.
  3. During the consultation appointment, we walk through the entire property together and discuss optimisation possibilities such as room swaps, different furnishings, use of colours and gemstones, work with the elements, etc.
  4. Afterwards, if desired, we will smoke the flat or house (in the case of a consultation from a distance, the smoking is omitted and we go through the floor plan and the residential property via video conference).
  5. And so that nothing is forgotten, you will receive all the information and optimisation proposals in the form of a written consultation document after the consultation.

Every small optimisation already helps to dissolve blockages and improve the flow of energy in your home. Nevertheless, it is good to give the optimisations a good 1-3 weeks until you feel and experience the results.

Yes, Vastu Shastra and Vasati are merely equivalent terms for Vastu.

We have described the parallels and the difference under Vastu Science. If desired, one can also combine these two teachings, whereby it is important to establish the basic points according to Vastu and then fine-tune them with Feng Shui where necessary and possible. However, it is not necessary to have recourse to Feng Shui after a Vastu housing consultation.

There are no negative houses or flats. Of course, there are spaces that demand more energy and attention from us than others. Our aim is to further optimise slightly negative, neutral and slightly positive spaces through individual counselling. If we find that a house or flat has really drastic Vastu deficiencies and hardly any positive factors, we would point it out.Our aim is to further optimise slightly negative, neutral and slightly positive premises through individual counselling.