The vastu yantra is the most powerful tool to bring harmony, health, success, prosperity and well-being into every home and business.

The Vastu Yantra – Śrī Vāstu Vighnanāśanam Yantra

With the help of this very effective tool, we improve the qualities of the room and let it flourish and bloom. And that in turn has a positive effect on the lives of residents or employees.

With the help of this very effective tool, we improve the qualities of the room and let it flourish and bloom. And that in turn has a positive effect on the lives of residents or employees.

What Makes the Vastu Yantra So Powerful?

What is a vastu yantra?

A yantra is an instrument in the form of a geometric representation that can be written or engraved on various materials. Usually copper, silver or gold is used for this.

We keep the effect of this tool active in the long term by giving it the right attention and energy in the form of small daily rituals and meditations.

This daily yantra practice is a technique that helps us achieve our desires and goals. Every yantra contains potential energies that can be released, for example, by offering a stick of incense and reciting a mantra. A mantra is the sound representation of an energy and a yantra is the graphic or visual representation of the same energy.

Yantra means in Sanskrit, “that which conveys something, a vehicle”.

A yantra therefore has a specific energy and carries it into the room in which the yantra is located. A yantra will use our daily ritual (sadhana) to bring us to the desired goal.

If someone has a properly consecrated and energized yantra in their home and meditates and recites mantras on this yantra every day, or at least regularly, then the energy of the yantra is guaranteed to expand into the space in which it is placed. And it will be of use to everyone who lives in or enters that room. The more time you spend in front of the yantra or in the room in which the yantra radiates its energy, the more you will be strengthened.

According to the vastu scriptures, the vastu-purusha (the being responsible for a space or the essence of space) resides in every object with all its aspects. This is replicated in an abstract version in the form of the Vastu Purusha mandala (a Vastu grid consisting of 9×9 modules). This mandala with all its aspects is precisely engraved on a copper plate, which in turn was cut just as precisely according to very auspicious vastu masses.

These vastu yantras are produced strictly according to the ancient scriptures. First we calculate a size of the vastu yantra that will be in perfect resonance with the person who will perform the daily rituals. Then we find a favorable time (muhurta) for the preparation of the yantras according to Vedic astrology. A metal plate (usually copper, but can also be silver-plated or gold-plated or made entirely of silver or gold) is cut to the exact vastu size.

Each geometric element and each Sanskrit letter are engraved in a clearly prescribed order. But not only the sequence is prescribed, also that it should be done with a special type of natural, untreated diamond that is only used for the purpose of making these yantras.

As soon as these yantras have been produced in the traditional way, we look again for a time (muhurta) to carry out the dedication and energizing rituals for each vastu yantra.

Both rituals are performed daily for at least a week. Only then are they ready for on-site installation.

The installation fire ceremony

Many yantras can also be worshiped without prior installation. But this yantra will only bring the desired results if it is first cleaned, installed, consecrated and activated (installation fire ceremony).

Even if the yantra is made correctly by following all the guidelines, it will not produce the desired fruit without the installation.

Therefore, the Vastu Yantra (Śrī Vāstu Vighnanāśanam Yantra) should be installed correctly before daily practice. Thus, the yantra will unfold its full effect and bless its owners with the manifestation of fortune, wealth, opulence, fame and all other favorable qualities.

The installation fire ceremony takes about 4-5 hours, including assembly and dismantling. Depending on the situation, we come in twos or threes to build up a beautiful spiritual strength for the ceremony.

In advance, there is a lot to buy and prepare for both the priests (brahmins) and the future yantra owners.

This is followed by over 20 different powerful rituals:

  • Acamana and Nyasa
  • Mangala-Sutra Schnur
  • Mangalacarana
  • Svasti-Vacana and Sankalpa
  • Ghata-Sthapana
  • Masabhaktavali-Puja
  • Vastu-Mandala Digpala-Puja
  • Dvara-Puja
  • Vastu-Mandala-Puja
  • Vastu-Yantra-Puja
  • Sri Sri Lakshmi Narayana Arghya
  • Sri Prithivi-Puja
  • Vastu-Purusha-Puja
  • Vastu-Homa and Udicya-karma
  • Purna-Ahuti and Santi-Dana

Vastu Yantra & Installations-Zeremonie

Services and Prices

Vastu Yantra

  • In the material copper
  • Cut to an optimal vastu size
  • Produced during a auspicious time (muhūrta)
  • Activated during a week with two consecration and energizing rituals a day

Installation fire ceremony

  • Calculation of a auspicious time (muhūrta) for the installation fire ceremony
  • Purchasing the ingredients
  • Preparation of the ceremony
  • Acamana
  • Nyasa
  • Mangala-Sutra Schnur
  • Mangalacarana
  • Svasti-Vacana
  • Sankalpa
  • Ghata-Sthapana
  • Masabhaktavali-Puja
  • Vastu-Mandala Digpala-Puja
  • Dvara-Puja
  • Vastu-Mandala-Puja
  • Vastu-Yantra-Puja
  • Sri Sri Lakshmi Narayana Arghya
  • Sri Prithivi-Puja
  • Vastu-Purusha-Puja
  • Vastu-Homa
  • Udicya-karma
  • Purna-Ahuti
  • Santi-Dana
  • Instruction for daily practice (ritual and meditation)
  • CHF 2450 / EUR 2200
  • Travel expenses (travel costs & time)
    CHF 125/h / EUR 110/h
  • Travel time (train, plane, etc.):
    CHF 80/h / EUR 70/h

Team Vastu Yantra & Installation

A powerful and successful installation fire ceremony not only requires a traditionally produced yantra and the various rituals, but also the people who perform it should be trained and initiated in the priesthood.

The whole team is trained and ordained in the priesthood, is very experienced in fire ceremonies and bring a pure motivation and a lot of heart.

Manfred Mandali Meister

Fire ceremony priest (brahmin)

Manfred Mandali Meister has been performing fire ceremonies at home and abroad for over 35 years. He learned this art in India and Switzerland, where he trained in the priesthood for 13 years in ashrams in Switzerland and India.

Mandali is also the author of the well-known Pūjā manual and is also recognized and frequently booked as a priest by the Indian and Tamil population of Switzerland.

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James Gopal Walton

Fire ceremony priest (brahmin)

Even in his youth, James, who was given the name Gopal during the priestly initiation, was interested in spirituality and philosophy and, after high school in 1996, devoted himself intensively to Vedic culture for the next eight years. During this time he lived in ashrams in India, Switzerland and Germany. He dealt with the study of Sanskrit scriptures, mantra meditation and learned the musical art of mantra singing. During this time he also worked as an assistant to an internationally active seminar leader and spiritual teacher who trains people around the world in personal transformation and spiritual practice.

From 2005-2013 Gopal studied pedagogy, psychopathology and indology at the University of Zurich. Since 2011 he has been working as a social pedagogue with young people and their parents. He uses a holistic, systemic coaching approach with the aim of activating parents in their parenting skills (empowerment).
Gopal is very enthusiastic about the depth and wholeness of the Vedic culture, especially the transformative and universal power of the mantras. It is very important to him to offer this practice and this knowledge to interested people. He is strongly convinced that mantras and auspicious ceremonies contribute significantly to the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the participants. The installation of the vastu yantra is an excellent opportunity for him to apply his knowledge from his many years of spiritual practice.

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Marc Lüllmann

CEO, Founder / Certified Vastu Consultant

After successfully completing his first diploma training at the German Veda Academy at the end of 2004, Marc founded his Vastu consultancy. In summer 2012 he completed his second Vastu training, a comprehensive 2-year international Vastu certification programme in the lineage of Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, the world’s most renowned Sthapati (temple architect and builder).

Marc advises, plans, and supervises the construction of Vastu buildings worldwide, creating vibrant and modern spaces. He also lectures, writes articles, and leads trainings on this powerful architectural tradition.

Bei jedem Vastu-Hausbauprojekt fasziniert es ihn aufs Neue, wie viele positive und förderlichen Kräfte freigesetzt werden und die Besitzer von mehr Harmonie, Erfolg, Wohlbefinden und spiritueller Erfüllung profitieren. Seine Vision ist es, dass jeder Mensch in solchen Räumen der Fülle und der Kraft leben kann und hat das zu seiner Lebensmission gemacht. He is happy to support you in living in harmony with the fine laws of nature.

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What our clients say

Our satisfied customers speak for themselves. Read what they have to say about their experience with our products/services. Your words are the best confirmation for us that we are on the right track and continuously improving.

The Vastu housing advisor training gave me a completely new approach to our living spaces. Thanks to the wide range of gross and subtle optimization options in existing living spaces, it is possible to bring more energy into our lives. That fascinates me.

Anita Aschwanden

When I had been working in my new practice for half a year, I felt a desire for more comfort, grounding and peace. Maybe with paint on the walls? But - which one is ideal for this? After a moment's thought, the impulse came: a Vastu business consultation will bring clarity. And since Marc had already turned our home into a true oasis of well-being thanks to Vastu, it was also immediately clear from whom. Not only were the walls painted, the rooms were also changed and divided into the ideal zones. Not only are my clients happy with the new treatment room dipped in red earth, but I also enjoy the room and the pleasant atmosphere day after day.

Stephanie Albert Owner Parvatasana

Curious and excited, I embarked on the Vastu business consultancy for my newly established consultancy firm. I set up my office faithfully according to the instructions. Success arrived after only a few days. Some of the clients, but also friends and acquaintances, have invited themselves. Another effect is that the agreed meeting times are regularly exceeded by the clients because they feel so comfortable here. So I can only recommend Vastu to everyone here.

Rafael Wohlgemuth Owner Wohlgemuth Healthcare Consulting