Vastu Yantra

The vastu yantra is the most powerful tool to bring harmony, health, success, prosperity and well-being into every home and business.

Śrī Vāstu Vighnanāśanam Yantra

Vastu Yantra

What Makes the Vastu Yantra So Powerful?


Vastu Yantra & amp; Installation ceremony

Vastu Yantra

  • In the material copper
  • Cut to an optimal vastu size
  • Produced during a auspicious time (muhūrta)
  • Activated during a week with two consecration and energizing rituals a day

Installation fire ceremony

  • Calculation of a auspicious time (muhūrta) for the installation fire ceremony
  • Purchasing the ingredients
  • Preparation of the ceremony
  • Acamana
  • Nyasa
  • Mangala Sutra String
  • Mangalacarana
  • Svasti-Vacana
  • Sankalpa
  • Ghata-sthapana
  • Masabhaktavali puja
  • Vastu mandala Digpala puja
  • Dvara puja
  • Vastu mandala puja
  • Vastu Yantra Puja
  • Sri Sri Lakshmi Narayana Arghya
  • Sri Prithivi puja
  • Vastu Purusha Puja
  • Vastu-Homa
  • Udicya-karma
  • Purna-Ahuti
  • Santi-Dana
  • Instruction for daily practice (ritual and meditation)

Vastu Yantra & Installation Fire Ceremony
(all prices incl. taxes)

  • CHF 2450 / EUR 2200
  • Travel expenses (travel costs & time):CHF 125/h / EUR 110/h
  • Travel time (train, plane, etc.):CHF 80/h / EUR 70/h

Here we are

Vastu Yantra & Installation

A powerful and successful installation fire ceremony not only requires a traditionally produced yantra and the various rituals, but also the people who perform it should be trained and initiated in the priesthood.

Team Switzerland

Manfred Mandali Meister

Fire ceremony priest (brahmin)

Manfred Mandali Meister has been performing fire ceremonies at home and abroad for over 35 years. He learned this art in India and Switzerland, where he trained in the priesthood for 13 years in ashrams in Switzerland and India.

Mandali is also the author of the well-known Pūjā manual and is also recognized and frequently booked as a priest by the Indian and Tamil population of Switzerland.

James Gopal Walton

Fire ceremony priest (brahmin)

Even in his youth, James, who was given the name Gopal during the priestly initiation, was interested in spirituality and philosophy and, after high school in 1996, devoted himself intensively to Vedic culture for the next eight years. During this time he lived in ashrams in India, Switzerland and Germany. He dealt with the study of Sanskrit scriptures, mantra meditation and learned the musical art of mantra singing. During this time he also worked as an assistant to an internationally active seminar leader and spiritual teacher who trains people around the world in personal transformation and spiritual practice.

From 2005-2013 Gopal studied pedagogy, psychopathology and indology at the University of Zurich. Since 2011 he has been working as a social pedagogue with young people and their parents. He uses a holistic, systemic coaching approach with the aim of activating parents in their parenting skills (empowerment).
Gopal is very enthusiastic about the depth and wholeness of the Vedic culture, especially the transformative and universal power of the mantras. It is very important to him to offer this practice and this knowledge to interested people. He is strongly convinced that mantras and auspicious ceremonies contribute significantly to the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the participants. The installation of the vastu yantra is an excellent opportunity for him to apply his knowledge from his many years of spiritual practice.

Marc Lüllmann

CEO, Founder / Certified Vastu Consultant

After successfully completing his first diploma training at the German Vedic Academy at the end of 2004, Marc founded his Vastu consulting company. In summer 2012 he completed his second Vastu training, a comprehensive 2-year international Vastu certification program in the line of Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, the world’s most renowned sthapati (temple architect and builder).

Marc advises, plans and supervises the construction of Vastu buildings worldwide, creating lively and modern spaces. He also gives lectures, writes articles and leads training courses on this powerful architecture theory.

With every Vastu house building project, he is fascinated anew how many positive and beneficial forces are released and the owners benefit from more harmony, success, well-being and spiritual fulfillment. His vision is that every person can live in such spaces of abundance and power and has made this his life mission. He is happy to support you in living in harmony with the fine laws of nature.


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